The Benefits of Using an AR-15 For Home Defense

Over 1 million home invasions occur in the United States every year. Protecting your family from criminals with nefarious intent should be something you view as a priority. While there are many ways to protect your home and the possessions and people in it, none are as effective as owning a gun.

There are a number of guns on the market that can be used for home defense. Perhaps the most popular and affordable gun used for home defense is the AR-15. Read below for more information about why using an AR-15 for home defense is a wise move.

The Accuracy of an AR-15

If you are trying to defend yourself against a criminal in your home, having a gun that is accurate can save your life. Every round that you fire and miss could put you one step closer to getting injured. This is why you need to choose a gun that is known for accuracy. The AR-15 provides very little kick, which means it is far more accurate than a shotgun.

Once you buy or build an AR-15, you need to familiarize yourself with this weapon. The best way to do this is by visiting the gun range and shooting your gun. The more you shoot your AR-15, the easier it will be to accurately aim and fire it when it matters the most.

An AR-15 is Easy To Shoot

When compared to a shotgun or pistol, an AR-15 is much easier to shoot. Not only is this gun easy to hold, it provides very little recoil. This makes it a great option for firearm beginners and veterans. You need to realize that you won’t always be the person defending your home from criminals.

If you have a wife or older children, they need to be able to shoot the gun you have for home defense. By choosing an AR-15, you can provide the people in your home with a gun that they can easily load and shoot when needed.

A Lightweight and Ergonomic Gun Option

Before you buy a gun for home defense, you need to venture out to look at the options at your disposal. One of the first things you will notice about an AR-15 is how lightweight it is. These guns are also known for being ergonomically designed. This means they are extremely easy to hold and maneuver.

The aftermarket gun accessories market has also helped AR-15 owners. There are tons of accessories like extended magazines and laser sights made specifically for the AR-15. These accessories will make your AR-15 more powerful and accurate. Whether you need scopes, slings or red dot sights for your AR-15, you should have no problem finding a great deal on these items. Since AR-15s are so popular, you can find these accessories at just about any gun shop.

There is no denying just how powerful and effective an AR-15 can be. If you want a great gun for home defense, then you need to consider investing in this popular firearm. 

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